Freelance Strategy Director


These principles guide all the strategic and creative work I do, helping me stay true to my core philosophy, as we collaborate.


1. Purpose-driven growth

Everything a brand does should be rooted in its purpose. It’s a brand’s deep understanding of why it exists and why people should care. Standing for something that truly resonates in people’s hearts will keep them coming back again and again.


2. Start with the problem

Too often briefs start with the execution: we need social content, a platform or a retail activation. I prefer to understand the problem first. From there on we can decide together which solution makes the most sense.


3. Keep it simple

We live in complex times. Therefore reducing a creative strategy or idea to its most simple form is more important than ever. Simple makes life, well, more simple.


4. Collaborate

Creativity can come from anywhere and anyone. Integration and collaboration are essential to creating the best work. Amazing things happen when different people, perspectives and disciplines join the party.


5. Data tells a story

Data is telling a story. Listen to it. Behind all those numbers are human beings. People telling you what they love, fear, desire and like about life. They will tell you how to transform your business, products and communications.


6. Technology is not the enemy

Technology is a magician. It makes the impossible, possible. When used wisely it can make life better. More accessible, exciting, relevant, social, sexy or efficient.


7. Refresh your perspective

When looking for fresh insights or creative inspiration, look beyond advertising. Take a deep dive into pop culture, be a tourist in your own city or talk to strangers. They might tell you the truth that you’re looking for ;)


8. Context is everything

If marketing has one goal, it’s to reach and help consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the consumer decision journey to ensure hyper relevance in the right context.


9. Intention is the new cool

The days that people accepted bullsh*t from brands are far gone. I believe in building brands with the intention to make people’s lives better through relevant experiences, products and services.


10. Smile

Life should be fun. Never forget that.